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What Did RAKIDO Think Of…. DareDevil Season 1


Man oh man. Yep that fight scene. The hallway one. What else can we really say. Im trying to study cinematography and this is definitely a piece of film that’s worth watching over and over again.

I prefer to read things more then I watch them. So binge-watching is something that is particularly difficult for me to do. The only other show that I binged watched on was Breaking Bad and damn, that was a hell of a ride too. Intense. Addicting. Always making me want to watch the next part of the story as soon as possible.

Other than the final fight, every fight scene was tense and breath-taking. But that’s to be expected. Most things in life aren’t as strong in the end. At first I didn’t like the suit. But the more that I think about it, the more Im starting to like it. Hey look there’s a wordcount in wordpress. I just saw that right now.

After reading Dr. Strange’s The Oath, I really came to appreciate the connectivity of Claire aka The Night Nurse. That was probably my favorite easter egg out of the whole season. And KingPin freaking out after the Russian guy interrupted his dinner cracked me up. I felt like The Russians were interrupting him at every turn. I thought they were gonna interrupt him again when Kingpin was talking to Vanessa on the hospital bed.

Overall, a very compelling and addicting season. Can’t wait for season 2 !



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Writing More

the act of writing
describing the destiny of attempting to dance
freedom through fighting
and more claps
we all know we’re going to die
and yet
we live as if/knowing the light will always be there

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Food Log 1/20/14

Chicken Thigh and Leg. Lettuce – 8:50 AM

Cup of Almonds – 9:30 AM

Chicken Thigh, Asparagus, Roasted Tomatoes – 3:00 PM

Beef Kaldereta and Lettuce – 8:00 PM

Walking Around Weight – 140.8

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(1) Pitbull – Globalization

(2) Atmosphere – Southsiders

(3) Bellwether Blues – For The Birds

(4) VOTSC – Wheeling

(5) Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels 2

(6) Prhyme – Prhyme

(7) The Boxcars – It’s Just A Road

(8) Meghan Trainor – Title

(9) J Cole – Forest Hills Drive

(10) Alex Dezen – CDS 1 -4

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5 3 1 and HIIT – Dec 16th 2014

Waist: 37.5

Weight 148

I want to say that I start the fat cut on Nov 16th. Doing lots of HIIT. 5 3 1 can use a little bit more work though.

My note taking skills can use more work too.

I got a body fat caliper as well.

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531 and HIIT

Damn I really gotta do a better job of keeping records and tracking everything. Started doing light HIIT workouts about a week ago.

Tonight I did a 20×20 5 set 3 circuit of bicep curls, overhead press, tricep curls, bentover rows, high knees with jumping jack on low intensity. 30lbs

5 3 1 is going pretty good and challenging. I recently found out I over measured my home barbell by 10 pounds. It’s not 30 lbs its only 20 lbs. So I had to reset exercise measurements, especially overhead press. Oh well.

HIIT feels great though !

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RAKIDO’s 5 3 1 WorkOut Log 9/15/14

Officially started the 5 3 1 Workout today.

Body Weight: 151 lbs
Waist: 40 inches

Squat 100 lbs
Bench Press 120 lbs
Deadlift 200 lbs
Overhead Press 110 lbs

Using Poteto’s Excel Spreadsheet for guide and DIY Strength Training’s Spreadsheet for the log

I was testing it out last week with the squat cycle and felt pretty sore the day afterwards.

Did the squat workout again today and I know Im gonna be sore in the morning.

Really excited and motivated, cause the workout is really simple and easy to follow.

Been trying to reach 2200 calories a day. A mixture of bananas and Inner Armour’s anabolic shake. Lots of chicken.

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