Down to 141.8

Reading Our Band Could Be Your Life and Bear Gryllys A Survival Guide For Life

HIIT up to 19 sec  lo-intensity and 21 sec hi-intensity

Competition Jan 24th

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(1) Pitbull – Globalization

(2) Atmosphere – Southsiders

(3) Bellwether Blues – For The Birds

(4) VOTSC – Wheeling

(5) Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels 2

(6) Prhyme – Prhyme

(7) The Boxcars – It’s Just A Road

(8) Meghan Trainor – Title

(9) J Cole – Forest Hills Drive

(10) Alex Dezen – CDS 1 -4

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5 3 1 and HIIT – Dec 16th 2014

Waist: 37.5

Weight 148

I want to say that I start the fat cut on Nov 16th. Doing lots of HIIT. 5 3 1 can use a little bit more work though.

My note taking skills can use more work too.

I got a body fat caliper as well.

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531 and HIIT Nov 30, 2014

Waist : 40.8

Weight : 158

Body Fat: Roughly 30%

Started doing HIIT more regularly. Also done bulking and doing fat loss now. I gotta track my calories and really try to go for a calories deficit. I did go from 42 to 39.8 to 40.8 (after Thanksgiving)(I gotta turn it down from a pigout day to a pigout meal)

My current goals are to stick with the cycles of 5 3 1 I am on. Run at a steady rate of 3 for 5 minutes. Cut down weight to 35 by Jan.

I will intake less calories and drink more water.


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531 and HIIT

Damn I really gotta do a better job of keeping records and tracking everything. Started doing light HIIT workouts about a week ago.

Tonight I did a 20×20 5 set 3 circuit of bicep curls, overhead press, tricep curls, bentover rows, high knees with jumping jack on low intensity. 30lbs

5 3 1 is going pretty good and challenging. I recently found out I over measured my home barbell by 10 pounds. It’s not 30 lbs its only 20 lbs. So I had to reset exercise measurements, especially overhead press. Oh well.

HIIT feels great though !

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What Did RAKIDO Think Of…. Agents Of Shield Season 2 Episode 1 “Shadows” TV Review


“What is he? Like some kind of Absorbing Man?”

Agents of Shield has definitely been one of those shows that have given me hope for TV writing. I’ve liked how synergistic the show and the movies tie together, essentially being a semi-prequel and a semi-sequel to the Winter Soldier. Leading to one of the best turn arounds of anything I’ve ever seen.

Im really happy that they started with a lot of fast pace action this year, as opposed to the slow cooker start from last year. Remember that episode with the ghost? Yikes. But nope, we got Absorbing Man, Agent Carter and Lucy Lawless all in one hour. R.I.P.

And I don’t know what it is about Hydra, but something about that evil organization just really pisses me off. The Nazi-ism ? The lack of coolness? I don’t know. I am usually sympathetic to most evil organizations, but I just straight up hate Hydra.

I like how Agent Coulson was kinda like “Fuck it, finish the mission !” Everyone could have died there. But hey all or nothing.

Really great pacing and really exciting plot threads for everyone.

Simmons hallucinating definitely upped the feels. You’re gonna make it bro!

Me and my little brother thought it was hilarious if Crusher Creel came in the beginning, got shot at, stole the papers, and was never heard from again the entire season. Moving on to 085.

Very excited for this season.

I also wanna reiterate how Lucy Lawless, Nick Blood and Reed Diamond are the most badass names EVER.

Read this as well ! The Absorbing Man’s Most Ridiculous Transformations

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RAKIDO’s 5 3 1 WorkOut Log 9/15/14

Officially started the 5 3 1 Workout today.

Body Weight: 151 lbs
Waist: 40 inches

Squat 100 lbs
Bench Press 120 lbs
Deadlift 200 lbs
Overhead Press 110 lbs

Using Poteto’s Excel Spreadsheet for guide and DIY Strength Training’s Spreadsheet for the log

I was testing it out last week with the squat cycle and felt pretty sore the day afterwards.

Did the squat workout again today and I know Im gonna be sore in the morning.

Really excited and motivated, cause the workout is really simple and easy to follow.

Been trying to reach 2200 calories a day. A mixture of bananas and Inner Armour’s anabolic shake. Lots of chicken.

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Tracking Data Of Tracking Data with Rakido. 09/03/2014

I gotta do a much better job of consistently gathering data of all sorts of things.

Looked up reddit fitness data, and also just googled excel fitness spreadsheets.

I guess I should think about what kind of data I do want to record.

Im about 33% body fat.

Downloaded the spreadsheet from 4HourLife.


Here’s to a lot of recording data !

I know Bruce Lee recorded a lot of data.

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What Did RAKIDO Think Of…. Legend Of Korra Season 3 (TV Review)

What Did Rakido Think Of Legend Of Korra Season 3 ?


I don’t agree with what Zaheer and the Red Lotus have stood for the entire season.

Something about letting chaos run free and destroying hierarchy is very lacking of compassion to me. True enlightenment and spirituality has always been about taking care of people, and while I understand that the Red Lotus feel that they’ve been wronged by the higher ups, it does not give them the right to erase the system and let everyone run free.

I understand them, but I simply do not agree.

Out of all the Korra books so far, Change is easily the most eastern themed. From being able to see how some old locations have changed (or destroyed) to new masters being promoted, everything is really changing.

The animation the ENTIRE season has been amazing. Especially compared to the first half of season 2, it is easy the skill level and talent of something done right. The action sequences should be studied for generations to come.

From Pli’s tom drum sound effects to the violins and orchestra that wrap themselves around every fight scene, the sound has been really captivating. It’s the little details that make everything so much better.

All in all, I love how every plot thread came together at the end. From Su and Lin’s reconciliation to how much I genuinely care about the Airbenders.


That ending with the tear. There’s nothing better than watching someone bounce back from something horrible. and which is why I can’t wait for Legend Of Korra season 4.

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What Did RAKIDO Think Of…. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Movie Review)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the absolute shittiest movie I’ve ever seen. and Im pretty easy to impress. I was even a fan of Captain America 1.

But I am sitting there the whole time thinking.

Why is the camera spinning around one object like that?

Why do I not care for anything in this movie?

What can I like about this movie?

Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy was a good movie. Maybe it’s just cause Marvel’s spoiled me with how high quality their movies are.

There was just a lot of jagged storytelling and scenes that didn’t flow well with one another. I like Megan Fox. She’s definitely the girl that can’t really act well, but you kind of forgive cause she has really hot lips.

Did I mention how awesome Guardians was?

I give this movie 10%




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